Add Embedded Video Players to Slack Messages

This solution allows a video block that displays an embedded video player to be used in Slack messages. The embedded player can display both live video streams as well as video on demand streams (VODs) hosted by IBM's Video Streaming application.

How to install:

An administrator of your Slack workspace will need to click the Add to Slack / Add Now button within the Slack App Directory and select the Slack channels in which the App should be available.

Once enabled, the IBM Video Streaming App will unfurl any URL into an in-line video player inside of Slack. Any Slack user will be able to view or share these streams as there is no account setup required. Any Slack user can simply drop an IBM Video Streaming URL URL / web address into the chat and the App will allow everyone with access to that Slack channel to watch the content.

If you would like to broadcast your own Live content or upload your own VODs to share through IBM Video Streaming, you will need to have a Video Streaming account. You can learn more about our account types here.


Note: This app only works with the IBM Video Streaming account type (not the IBM Enterprise Video Streaming account type).

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