How to broadcast to IBM Video Streaming using Streamaxia's Broadcast Me App

This article will contain instructions to connect your IBM channel and broadcast from Streamaxia's Broadcast Me app. 

-First, on your mobile device go to and download the Broadcast Me app for either your Android or iOS device. 

-Open the app an go to Gear Wheel icon and select Server URL. This is where you will be inputting your IBM channel's RTMP/Stream Key. 

-On the mobile device open your web browser and go to and login to your IBM Video streaming account. 

-Select the channel you wish to stream to from the app and go to Broadcast Settings.

- Next you want to go to Encoder settings and select Edit settings.


-You will then see the RTMP URL and Channel Key for your selected IBM Channel. 
-Copy your entire RTMP Url and Channel Key and Paste into the Broadcast Me app "Server URL" section , separated by / . Ex. RTMP/Channel Key. 
-Select Done when Finished an entered in correctly. 

Please do ensure that before stream that your shot is horizontally in Landscape mode Before hitting the stream button.
Image_from_iOS__11_.png  Image_from_iOS__6_.png

Please note that if held and streamed in Portrait mode, black bars will be in the IBM Player.
(To avoid this please stream in Landscape mode from the Broadcast Me app in order to fit in the 16X9 IBM Player.) black_bars.png
   Once you have your IBM Channel's RTMP/Channel Entered in the Broadcast Me Server Url Section you are ready to stream. Please do test beforehand your Wifi or mobile network to make sure you have enough bandwidth to stream at the desired resolution. For more on recommended  internet and Encoder settings please see here.

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