How to broadcast to IBM Video Streaming with Streamlabs Mobile App

It is easy to live stream to your IBM Video Streaming channel from the Streamlabs mobile app. 

You can get the mobile app here:

Go to to learn more about the app.

  1. Open the Streamlabs app that is installed onto your mobile device, and tap on the Next button.Screenshot_20220808-134416_Streamlabs.jpg
  2. In the next screen, select Stream Your Camera option and tap on the Save button.Screenshot_20220808-134447_Streamlabs.jpg
  3. In the next screen, select Default or Custom layout, and tap on the Save button.Screenshot_20220808-142254_Streamlabs.jpg
  4. In the next screen, enable camera and microphone.Screenshot_20220808-142307_Streamlabs.jpg
  5. In the next screen, tap on the Select a platform, choose Connect another account, and then, choose Custom RTMP setup.Screenshot_20220808-134733_Streamlabs.jpg
  6. Add any name you would like. Copy the RTMP url and Channel key from your IBM Video Streaming account (select the channel to stream to -> Broadcast settings -> Encoder settings), and paste them in the URL and Stream key fields respectively. Tap on the Save button.Screenshot_20220808-143751_Streamlabs.jpg
  7. Tap on the GO LIVE button. Screenshot_20220808-142559_Streamlabs.jpg
  8. Select the destination for your IBM Video Streaming channel that you created in the above steps.Screenshot_20220808-142610_Streamlabs.jpg
  9. Tap on the Next button.Screenshot_20220808-142628_Streamlabs.jpg
  10. Add Steam title and description (optional), and tap on the GO LIVE button. Screenshot_20220808-142650_Streamlabs.jpg
  11. Your live broadcast starts.Screenshot_20220808-142709_Streamlabs.jpg
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