Larix Broadcaster is freeware by Softvelum that allows the streaming of live content from your mobile device in real-time over WiFi, 3G, LTE, 5G via SRT/RTMP/RTSP/RIST.

App download and documentation link.

To stream to your IBM Video channel, you will need your IBM RTMP and Stream Key located in your channel's Broadcast settings.

-To get to Broadcast settings, you select the Channel you want to stream to>Scroll down to Broadcast settings> Encoder settings>View.


(For more detailed step by step instructions on RTMP and Stream Key please see here )

It is best to send/save your channel RTMP URL and Stream Key to the mobile device you plan on using Larix Broadcaster on, as you will need to paste it into the app. Typing out the Stream Key is not recommended  as it is case-sensitive.

After launching Larix Broadcaster, click on the cog wheel for the Settings.


Click on Connections.


Name this connection in the Name field.

Copy and paste your RTMP URL into the URL field, then add a "/" right after.

Then, copy and paste your Stream Key immediately after the "/" in the URL field.

Make sure there are no spaces before and after the "/".


*** You can save multiple connections. The connections that have a check mark are the ones you are ready to stream to.  Be sure to have enough upload bandwidth to stream to your enabled channel(s).***


Tap Back on the top left to go back to the main Settings page and tap on Video.

In here, you can adjust your bitrate, frame rate, and keyframe settings based on your available upload speed. 

Here are our recommended encoder settings.


Once you have everything set up, go back to your shot and hit the white button to start your stream/recording. It will turn into a red square, which will be your stop button for when you are finished.




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