Streaming your BlueJeans event to your IBM Video Streaming channel

   This article contains steps on how to broadcast your event from BlueJeans to your IBM Video Streaming Channel. 

In order to enable LIVE Broadcasting from your BlueJeans account please contact BlueJeans Support team at .


Note:  Broadcasting to a 3rd party is only available using the Bluejeans Events product.

-Once your BlueJeans account is provisioned for LIVE Broadcasting , begin the connection to your live streaming platform by downloading and launching the BlueJeans Events app for Mac or Windows. 

-Now that you are logged  into the BlueJeans Events App, Click Schedule an Event

-You will then be taken to your web browser to Login and create you schedule event for your BlueJeans account and Start the Event


-Once you Started and Joined the event you will be taken to the moderator screen. 
-Click Start Broadcast
-In the LiveStream field select IBM Video Streaming for the platform and click continue.


-Next  Authenticate in with your IBM ID or Device Password and Authorize the IBM Organizations and channels. (For more on Creating a Device PW, please see here). 
Connect your IBM Channel with manual RTMP input by selecting Custom. 

-Your IBM channel's RTMP and Stream Key  be located at under Channel>Broadcast settings > Encoder settings. For more Please see here.

- Once the IBM Account and Channel are connected GO LIVE and START Broadcast

-Now go back to the BlueJeans Moderator tab to have the ability to Start/stop your LIVE broadcast. 


For more details on Broadcasting to a Custom Live Stream from BlueJeans please go to .



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