Virtual Events Feature on Enterprise Video Streaming

IBM  Enterprise Video Streaming has a new feature: Virtual Events.

The email authentication option for Enterprise Video Streaming accounts now allows you to open access to anyone with a valid email address. There is a fully customizable registration form available for events which can be used for pre-event registration, as well as to collect last minute registrations during an event, and even registrations to watch post-event archives.

- Your Enterprise Video Streaming account needs to be provisioned with the Virtual Events feature set before you can start using the feature. 

- Once the Virtual Events feature is enabled in your account, you will see the new Virtual Events and Sessions menu items for each channel in the dashboard. 

- Virtual Events feature works with email authentication (external/public events) or SSO authentication (internal events that require registration) for viewers. See this page to learn how to manage the access control settings.

- Each channel can host any number of subsequent events, but there can only be one event on any channel at any given time.

Virtual Events in the dashboard

Create a virtual event

  1. Go to Virtual events tab and click on Create event.VEtab_and_create.png
  2. Add Event name, Event dates (start/end) and Event page dates (start/end). Click on the Save button.Create_event.png

NOTE: the virtual event has two date ranges: 
Event date (start/end) is the duration that the actual live event is happening.
Event page date (start/end) is the duration that the channel page switches to event mode. The Event page date range is typically a longer duration than the actual event dates because event mode needs to be on for pre-registration and may be desired for post-event access to video archives as well.

Edit the registration form and settings

  1. Click on Edit in the Registration gate section in the virtual event details.Edit_registration_gate.png
  2. In the Form builder tab, you can see the preview of the registration form and easily customize it.Screenshot_2023-04-26_at_8.41.16_AM.png
  3. Click on Add Question to add more fields to the registration form. Add_question.png
  4. Select the type of field you would like to add from the Map with drop-down menu. Then, type what you want event attendees to see in the Question field. If you choose to also populate the optional Help text, whatever you type will be visible to event registrants below that field on the

  5. To change the order of the fields in the form, click and hold the upper left corner of the item, and drag to move it. (First & Last name, Email fields cannot be moved.) Reorder_form_fields.png
  6. You can also customize the design and style of the registration form page by adding images, texts, video embed, etc. (note: when using the video embed, the video you embed needs to be uploaded to a different Channel). Click to select the component that you would like to add, and drag and drop it onto the form in the Drag/Drop Component Here area.Drop_component_here.png
  7. There is a “Logic” tab for creating and editing form logic. This form includes all form questions and user can add logic to questions one by one. It is possible to add multiple rules to questions. Each rule can be dependent on multiple conditions. So, it is possible to setup the question in a way that makes it required if several different conditions are met on 2 or more other questions.Multiple rules work with each other with “OR” logic. Multiple conditions in the same rule work with each other with “AND” logic. It is possible to set questions to be hidden by default and appear only if specific conditions are met.

There are some rules when defining Logics for Questions:
- If a question is hidden and required at the same time then being hidden has higher precedence, so it makes the question not required.
- If user fills in a value on a field that later becomes hidden, with some rule taking action, the value won’t be saved.
-If question has rules to make it hidden and visible at the same time, the question will be visible. Similarly, if the question has rules to make it required and not required at the same time, the question will be required. In short visibility and being required have higher precedence.

-If a field is required on a Reg Gate account level (See org settings Contact fields Required checkbox), it is not possible to add rules to the respective registration form question. Required system fields cannot be hidden or made non-required with reg form rules.


List of form Logic operators:


  • “= (is)“. Selected by default
  • “≠ (is not)”
  • Contains
  • Does not contain
  • Is empty
  • Is not empty
  • “Starts with”
  • “Ends with”

Single select

  • “= (is)“. Selected by default
  • “≠ (is not)”
  • Contains
  • Does not contain
  • Is empty
  • Is not empty

Multi select

  • Selected by default
  • Does not contain
  • Is empty
  • Is not empty


  • “= (is)” is the only operator with option to chose answers Yes/No

Number & Currency

  • Min and Max value inputs


  • Date range picker

User select

  • “= (is)“. Selected by default
  • “≠ (is not)”
  • Contains
  • Does not contain
  • Is empty
  • Is not empty

User multiselect

  • Selected by default
  • Does not contain
  • Is empty
  • Is not empty

8. In the Emails tab, Post-Submit Confirmation Email and Send Calendar Invite are turned on by default. You can edit the Post-submit confirmation email, and add BCC email addresses. 


Scheduled Emails 
When setting up a Scheduled email you can set:
Number of - define time (number)
Select one from
  • Minutes
  • Hours
  • Days
  • Months
  • Before Event Start
  • After Event Start
  • Before Event End
  • After Event End
The UI will show the Scheduled time (see screenshot)

9. Click on the toggle button to turn on/off the Post-Submit Confirmation Email and Send Calendar Invite settings.

Publish the registration form and turn on the registration gate

You must add the URL of your privacy policy before you can turn on the registration gate. need_to_add_privacy_policy_link.png

Click on the toggle button to turn on the Registration gate and publish the registration form.Screenshot_2023-04-26_at_8.44.31_AM.png

NOTE: IBM Video Streaming virtual events capability can be used even if the registration form is turned off, allowing attendees to access to the event immediately after authentication into the page.registration_gate_turned_off.png

Also, users can edit the registration form without unpublishing it. If user makes any changes, there are two buttons next to Publish button at the top of the form builder: “Save” and “Discard”. Changes made to the form won’t affect the public version until user chooses to save the form (including form properties in Logic and Emails tabs). Unpublished form can be published with Saving changes or Published without saving changes.

Add sessions to create the event schedule

You can create multiple sessions within a virtual event to build your agenda. The sessions that you create will be listed under the Schedule tab in the channel page. Event attendees need to submit the registration form only once during an event no matter how many sessions there are within the event.

  1. Click on Edit sessions.Add-edit_sessions.png
  2. Add session details and click on the Save button.Create-fill_session.png
  3. Repeat the steps to create more sessions.

You will find the sessions that you create in the Sessions tab in the dashboard. You can edit or add more sessions anytime. Sessions_tab.png

Edit the Virtual Event details

You can edit the event details anytime. To edit an existing event, go to the Virtual Events tab in the dashboard, and click on the menu icon for the event, and select View details.Events_menu.png

  1. If you wish to edit the registration form after you published it, click on Edit in the Registration gate section. Edit_published_reg_form.png
  2. Then, click on Edit to make changes. edit_registration_form.png
  3. After you finish editing, click on Publish form button again.


In the Virtual Events tab in the dashboard, you can see the list of the events created, and the status of each event. Virtual_Events_tab_listing_events.png

Enterprise Video Streaming Channel Page in Event Mode

After you create a virtual event, turn on the registration gate, and publish the registration form, the channel page requires the registration form to be filled in by event attendees. Attendees need to fill out the registration form only once during an event.

After registration, attendees get an event confirmation email and a calendar invite (if they are turned on in the registration gate settings.)

Attendees can go back from the channel page to the registration form should they later need to change the data that they provided during registration. (Click on the profile icon at the upper right in the channel page, then select Edit registration data.)

NOTE: IBM Video Streaming virtual events capability can be used even if the registration form is turned off, allowing attendees to access to the event immediately after authentication into the page.

During the Event Page dates, attendees will see the channel page in the Event mode, in which the channel page title becomes the event title, the dates of the event are displayed at the top of the page, and the Schedule tab lists the sessions belonging to that virtual event.


Analytics Report

Analytics are available for attendance as well as viewing duration. Report can be downloaded as a .CSV file at any time from the Virtual Events menu in the dashboard.

  • Registration data is collected from registration form
  • Viewership data
  • Registration data is matched with viewership data

Additionally, an automatic push to either Marketo or Salesforce marketing automation platforms can be configured by your company's Marketo or Salesforce admin. If you would like more information about setting this up, please contact IBM Video Streaming Support for further instructions.

Export report

  1. Click on Export data in the virtual event menu or in the virtual event details page. Expport_data_menu.pngExportdata_details.png
  2. When the report is available for download, it is listed under the Reports section in the virtual event details. Click on Download to download the CSV file.report_list_download.png
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