Video playlists allow content owners to categorize their videos to create regular, dynamic or live playlists to support on-demand or simulated live playback for viewers.

Enabling playlists in Channel page and in embeds

Playlists can be enabled on both the Watson Media channel page and embeds. Users can set the visibility of different playlists on the channel pages by adjusting the following settings in the channel page settings under “Playlists”.

Channel level playlist visibility

Playlists can be enabled for the channel in Channel page settings / Playlists:



In order to hide / show the playlists on a Watson Media channel page, click “Settings” under channel page settings and deselect the box. Switching off playlist visibility will do so for the entire channel but any scheduled live playlists will not be impacted.



When switching off playlist visibility for the entire channel, a message appears for the user that they need to consider if there are any playlists scheduled for live it will go live regardless this setting:



Visibility on a per playlist basis


When editing a playlist, users can decide if the playlist will be seen on Watson Media channel pages or not. If this is switched OFF, the playlist will not show up under the Playlist tab in the channel settings.



Playlists page

Opening the Channel / Playlists page will show a list of all created playlists for the selected channel.


Displaying the playlists

Data displayed about playlists

  1. Video thumbnail column:
    • Thumbnail. This is the thumbnail of the first video in the playlist. Users can re-order the videos in a playlist. The thumbnail is the first video’s thumbnail but this changes if a new video comes to the top of the dynamic playlist.
    • of videos in the playlist
  2. Title column (sortable):
    • Title of the playlist
    • Length of the playlist. This is the sum of the videos’ length in the playlist.
      • Manual playlist: In a manual playlist, users can add and order videos manually in a customized order.
      • Dynamic playlist: In a dynamic playlist, users can specify a search criteria based on video metadata so that only similar videos will appear in the playlist.

 Please note, that only manual playlists can go LIVE


  • Other tags can also appear here in the title column:
    • Scheduled” can be applied only to a manual playlist and will show that the playlist is scheduled to go live in the future.
    • Broadcast ended” appears for playlists that were scheduled and went live sometimes in the past.
  1. Created & Updated (format: ‘Month dd, yyyy hh:mm AM/PM’ ‘timezone code’) - sortable
  2. Status:
    • Playlist is LIVE NOW: if a playlist is currently live, users will see an indication with a LIVE icon and a Stop broadcast option visible. Clicking this will end the broadcast immediately.
      • The currently LIVE playlists are always on top.
    • Scheduled to go live Month dd, yyyy hh:mm AM/PM timezone code”: playlist will go live at the given time
    • Broadcast ended on Month dd, yyyy hh:mm AM/PM timezone code”: playlist was live and ended at the time that is indicated here
    • Listed on channel page and in embeds”: this is displayed if playlist is set to be visible on channel page and in embeds. Learn more in Enabling playlists in Channel page and in embeds (add anchor here)

Filtering playlists


Users can easily filter for scheduled, unscheduled playlists or the playlists that went live (‘Broadcast ended’) by using the quick filter boxes next to the Create playlist button.

This can be very useful for users to view all types of playlists.





Creating the first playlist

Create a first playlist by clicking the “Create playlist +” button in the top right.




Enter the title of the new playlist.



This will determine what kind of playlist is set, either manual or dynamic.


 Please note, that the type cannot be changed later. Once you’ve added a playlist with a type: manual, you won’t be able to turn it into a dynamic one or vice versa, a dynamic playlist cannot be turned into a manual one.



This will determine if the playlist will appear in the channel page.



Scheduling a playlist will allow users to specify a specific time when the playlist will playback.

Adding videos to playlist


  • The ‘Add videos’ button opens the Add videos modal where you can start searching for a channel’s videos and selecting the appropriate videos to add to the playlist.
    • By default, all the channel’s videos are displayed here – newest are displayed on top.
  • Adding all the channel’s videos to a playlist or removing all the selected ones from a playlist can be done using the ‘Select all’ or ‘Deselect all’ options right above the video list.
  • Click ‘Add’ – this will add the selected videos to the playlist and at the same time close the Add videos modal, so you return to playlist’s edit page.


 Please note, only 200 videos can be added to a playlist



Searching for and sorting videos in Add videos modal

A channel’s videos can be searched by their title in the search box:


 Please note, that you need to type in at least 3 characters for the searching to start.


Videos can be sorted by:

  • Newest videos (newest on top)
  • Oldest videos (oldest on top)
  • Title A-Z or Z-A (where you sort videos alphabetically ascending or descending)


Default sorting is newest on top.


Video details in video list

Following data are displayed about a video in Add videos page:

  • Thumbnail
  • Title
  • Video date
  • Length
  • Status: unpublished (if a video is published then no extra tag is added)
  • Selected (tick icon): shows if a video is selected for the playlist

Videos’ section in Edit playlist page

In the ‘Videos’ section users can:

  1. can see how many videos have been added to the playlist
  2. can see how long is the playlist (calculating based on videos’ length in the playlist)
  3. can reorder videos (by dragging & dropping those)
  4. can duplicate a video
  5. can remove a video from the playlist (no worries, the video won’t get deleted from the channel).
  6. can open up a tool tip on Unpublished tag and learn about that these videos will only play if you go live with the playlist


Scheduling a manual playlist



Playlist’s start time (and time zones)

When scheduling, it needs to be considered that the scheduled time is in user’s current time zone. The current time zone is indicated right under the schedule date field. In the below example (in screenshot) if an audience is in New York it means that theplaylist will start at 11:00 AM that day for the New York audience.

If another channel manager who is eligible to edit the same playlist opens it up in New York they will see the scheduled date and time in their time zone.




Overlapping broadcasts

If playlist schedule conflicts with another scheduled playlist or live broadcast an error message will be shown, and user needs to solve this conflict before proceeding. As the conflicting playlist’s title is also shown user can mitigate the conflict either by rescheduling the other conflicting playlist or the one they are currently creating.




If loop broadcast is enabled it means that the show is not over when playlist ends, it restarts again and again until looping stop time.



Scheduling playlist to go livePPicture21.png



Creating a dynamic playlist

When creating dynamic playlists videos are not ordered manually but instead defined by a search criteria where matching videos will be added to the playlist automatically. This is a very convenient way of maintaining playlists, as the search criteria is pulled only once.

It is very important for broadcasters to properly tag and classify videos when it arrives into the platform (be it an autorecord or an uploaded content) and it will be added to the playlists accordingly – if applicable.


 Please note, that the type cannot be changed later. Once you’ve added a playlist with a type: dynamic, you won’t be able to turn it into a manual one or vice versa, a manual playlist cannot be turned into a dynamic one.



The search criteria can be defined based on video metadata. Based on title or description as the pre-defined metadata or based on any custom metadata that user had set up for the videos.


 Please note, that search criteria is case sensitive, so you need to be careful when defining the criteria for the dynamic playlist. For instance ’learning’ is not the same as  ’Learning’ here.


According to the selected metadata users will be able to define the value that is needed for the actual search criteria:





The video metadata can be checked under the video settings:




Videos can be defined and sorted within the dynamic playlist section (newest or oldest first) and can also be previewed.



Creating a dynamic playlist




How many videos can be added to a playlist?

You can add 200 videos to a playlist at most.

Can I add videos to my playlist from a different channel?

No, videos can only be selected and added from the playlist’s channel.

Why is ‘Select all’ inactive in Add videos page?

You can add at most 200 videos to a playlist. If the video list (according to searching parameters and channel’s videos) contains more than 200 in the list the ‘Select all’ option is inactive, because if you’d select all videos in the list it would exceed the 200 limit.  

What does it mean if a scheduled playlist is listed on channel page and in embeds? Will that be visible before it is broadcasted?

No, it won’t be visible. In terms of a scheduled playlist, it will only be visible on the channel page Playlists tab page if the user manually unticks the schedule option in playlist edit mode after the broadcast.

 Please note, that if a playlist is visible in channel page only the published videos will be played, the unpublished ones are not visible (and so playable) for the viewers. 

Can I make a playlist available for viewers after its live broadcast?

It is very easy to make your live playlist available on the Channel page after an event: just publish all the videos within this playlist after the event is over so playlist will appear available in Channel page without any further actions.

Will unpublished videos play if playlist goes live?

Yes, and unpublished videos can appear on Channel page only in this scenario (when playlist goes live) otherwise if you want your videos to appear in a playlist on Channel page you need to publish them.

How can I maximize viewer experience for a scheduled playlists?

Same quality settings for videos within a playlist

Elements added to the live playlist optimally should carry the same settings and properties. This includes, though isn't limited to the

  • same available CC languages,
  • same video resolutions (quality),
  • multi-audio settings,
  • and codecs (for uploaded videos).

While mismatching specifications may still allow the Live Playlist to broadcast without playback issues, users connecting to the feed will only be presented with UI options corresponding to the video playing at the moment of them tuning in. The Video Player does not adjust its UI for various alterations during switching videos on a Live Playlist, hence mismatching CC or quality settings may make certain seemingly available options non-workable when clicked.

WLC and CC conflicts

To retain the original CC functionality please refrain from switching on WLC for the channel. As the Live playlist will makes use of existing CC where available and switching on WLC will result in creating closed captioning on the live feed but will also disable any previously available CC.


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