This article will go over the new chat features which can be located on your dashboard under the Channel and Interactivity settings. 



How to add a Moderator

-Moderators can be added under Channel> Interactivity > Chat settings> Moderators.

-For Enteprise and Video Streaming accounts that have organizations, moderators can be added with their email addresses that have IBMids that have been given Channel admin access.

-If one does not want to grant Channel admin rights in the Org settings to a moderator, then this potential moderator must create an IBMid and a Free trial account.

-For SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM accounts, please have new chat mods create an IBMid and Free trial account. 

Once the IBMid is added to the Chat settings as a Moderator and the New Moderator logs into their Free trial or Organization, provide them with the channel url of the channel they are allowed to moderate.



-For Email Addresses that need an IBMid Please click here and "Create IBMid". Or if you Forgot your PW click "Forgot IBMid"


Chat moderators will have the ability to set the chat in Slow Mode, Pause Mode, or clear the chat. 


-Moderators have a full control over the messages sent by viewers and have the ability to delete messages, 24h / permanently ban or unban a viewer from chat. Moderators also have the ability to pin important chats to the top of the conversation.

-Moderators and viewers also may reply with emojis or reply in threads. 



Please be sure to have "Reactions" and "Threads" turned ON in your Dashboard's chat settings under Interactivity if you wish to have these features in your chat room.


Chat Rooms 

Chat rooms (group chats) allow viewers to talk about specific topics in a smaller, more focused environment.
Multiple chat groups can be created by a broadcaster on the dashboard


Any viewer is able to join a chat room and switch between them.

Files/ Images in chat

–Viewers are able to upload images
–Viewers are able to upload files
–These features can be disabled by moderators from the Chat settings from the Dashboard.



Upon your viewers' first visit to the chat, they will be prompted to enter a nickname.



To change your nickname, hover over the current nickname and click on the 3 dots on the right.




Click "Edit your nickname" and replace with a new nickname.



Hit Save.




The new username will be displayed.


Chat Logs/Export

Under Interactivity, click on Settings next to Chat:log1.png


Click on Manage chat exports:




Then click Export chat data:




Finally, select your date and time ranges, the chat room(s) to export from, and if you want direct messages included.  Click Export to download a *.json containing the chat activity requested. 

NOTE: The new chat's features (chatrooms, threads, links, emojis and comments) produce a complex data set. For exports, the best format is .json, while the legacy export formats (.csv and .xls) may result in loss of this information. Because of this we strongly suggest to use and rely on the .json format; however in specific and simpler cases converting to .xls might work, but with the above mentioned caveat.

For .json to .xls conversion there are free online and locally installable tools available from different developer companies.



Exported chat data will expire in 24 hours, but you can always regenerate the data again if needed. 


Under Embedding, click on Create Embed next to the type of embed you'd like to configure:




You can also select the type of embed from this drop down menu:



Each embed type has features that you can enable/disable.  For example with Combined Embeds, you have Player, Interactivity, and Videos options to choose from:



Color customizations such as Dark mode or assigning hex color codes for text and links can be found under the Interactivity section of the embed.


(Please note that unfortunately Color customizations is not available for the Q/A tab at the moment)



You can preview the settings and options you've selected:



Once you are satisfied with the preview, copy the embed code on the bottom left and paste into your website.  Remember to re-copy this code each time you make any adjustments.

Default Settings

Turning chat on will set the following settings on/off by default.  Please make sure to check these settings when turning on chat for your channel. 


Enterprise Video Streaming

- Direct chats: OFF

- Reactions: ON

- Spam and profanity protection: ON

- Threads: ON

- File and image upload: ON


Video Streaming 

- Direct chats: OFF

- Reactions: ON

- Spam and profanity protection: ON

- Threads: ON

- File and image upload: OFF (For security reasons, due to unknown audience)

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