Customizing captions for Live and Recorded/Uploaded videos

Customizing and editing the view of your captions

Users now have the ability to change the style and layout of their generated and live captions. You can now set CC font, font color, background color, opacity, alignment and vertical alignment to your captions. Extra formatting such as bold, italic, underline are also supported.


How to customize captions using the player

1) locate and click on the "CC" image on the player to access the caption customization panel located at the bottom right in the player.


2) Now locate the "CC settings" above the language settings near the top of the panel as shown below


3) CC settings menu for all additional options


4) CC settings sub menus and options (color shown as example here below):


5) You now have CC customization set to your standards. Here's an example of sub menu (alignment) and example modified CC style on an auto recorded VOD.


You now have the ability to customize the look, feel and location of your captions. Enjoy :)

Note: current limitations: Custom CC works on all our supported desktop OS and Browsers, Android, iPad OS and iOS non-fullscreen. Due to system-specific limitations iOS fullscreen is not currently supported. 

There is also currently a minor bug where Live captions show the label 'Unknown language' which we're releasing a fix for very soon.


View officially what's currently supported on the platform here.

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