How to connect your IBM channel using Wirecast

Another encoder that is quite popular in the streaming community is Wirecast from Telestream. To connect your IBM Channel to Wirecast please follow these instructions below.

-You can download Wirecast here:

(note: Wirecast is a product you must purchase a license from Telestream)

-Next you will need you IBM RTMP and Stream Key located in your channel's Broadcast settings.

-To get to Broadcast settings you select your Channel you want to stream to>Scroll down to Broadcast settings> Encoder settings>View. For more


(For more detailed step by step instructions on RTMP and Stream Key please see here )

-In Wirecast go to Output>Click the Output Settings> Set stream type to "RTMP Server"> Copy/paste your IBM RTMP in the Address field> Copy/paste channel in Stream Key field. > Click OK.



-Now your IBM Channel is connected to Wirecast.

For Production setups and interface questions on Wirecast please Visit Telestream support:



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