With the IBM Video Streaming App one can now stream from their mobile device via a Wifi or 4G network. To begin streaming with the IBM Video Video Streaming App, on your mobile device you can download it from the Apple App Store as seen here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/ibm-video-streaming/id1478683664 

- Once the app is launched one may login in 3 different possible ways. 


-IBM ID: For Enterprise Video Streaming and Streaming Manager accounts that belong to an Organization  may login with their IBM ID

-Ustream account: For older users that still login via the Ustream Username and Password. 

-Device Password: For Silver-Platinum accounts that do not belong to an org and do not have a older Ustream Username and PW, please login via Device Password that is created in your IBM Dashboard under  Integration & Apps > Device Password. ( For Step by Step on how to create a Device Password Please see this article here)


Once you have authorized the account , Select the account you wish to access if you have multiple accounts 


- Next select the channel you wish to stream to and click "Open Broadcaster". 

-Once you have Opened the Broadcaster you may begin streaming from your mobile device. 


(Please note that we do recommend streaming on a dedicated Ethernet connection from an encoder for a stable stream as Wifi and 4G Wireless networks can sometimes prove to be unstable for lonog periods of time.) 

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