IBM Marketplace migration - Frequently Asked Questions

This article applies to Silver, Gold and Platinum subscription customers.

We are performing a migration of IBM Video Streaming/Ustream subscription plans, this includes changes on how users login, manage their subscription details and how taxes are calculated.

Please see below the most frequently asked questions our Customer Success team receives about the migration process.

Will the migration affect my current videos and settings? 

No, only the authentication mode (with IBMid) and the billing system (moved to Marketplace) will change. Every content and settings on your IBM Video Streaming Dashboard will be preserved. 

After the migration please use the login option with IBMid:




When will customers get their invoices for December/January/February?

After the migration our invoicing system generates the invoices and will be available on the Marketplace Dashboard in 1-2 workdays.


Is the upgrade/downgrade path going to be the same or similar to how we used to have it before migration?

Our engineers are working on providing the same experience as our customers used to have for the upgrade/downgrade process. The integration of this feature is in progress for our new Marketplace subscription system, it will be available on the IBM Video Streaming Dashboard in a few weeks.

Until then should you need to change subscription plan please follow this guide:

Please note that the Marketplace ToS requires a 30 day prior notice before plan change or cancellation.


Are customers going to be billed for the amount they owe all at once?

Yes. However for the interim period we do not charge for overusage hours, so our customers will be billed only for the fixed monthly fee.

For subscription and billing related questions please see our documentation:


Will customers be required to resubmit their tax exemption certificates?


If your organization claims exemption from US sales tax, you will need to reach out to the IBM Global Billing team in order to submit your tax exemption certificates. Please have the following below ready for submission. 

1. Properly executed exemption certificate issued to IBM Corporation
2. Your legal name
3. Your IBM Video Streaming account ID or email address

Please make sure you indicate all this information to the IBM Billing Support Team so that your request will be processed promptly.


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