Broadcast Cisco Webex Meetings on IBM Enterprise Video Streaming

Cisco Webex clients who are also on an IBM Video Streaming/Video Streaming for Enterprise plan can now stream Webex Meetings via the IBM Streaming Platform.  

This feature can be turned on via the Webex Admin portal via the User Management console. (Please note that the integration requires an IBM Video Streaming account.)

You can find the Enable Live Streaming checkbox in Webex Meetings under User Management > Edit User privilege

**You may need to request the Webex administrator within your organization to enable the live streaming feature for you.


Integration Benefits

  • Host can stream with a few clicks
  • Stream to more than 100k viewers
  • Audience can be restricted by SSO
  • Engagement modules like Q&A
  • VOD is automatically archived in the Video Streaming Portal
  • AI-driven processes applied to archives

How to stream to IBM Video Streaming via Cisco Webex Meetings

Start a Webex Meeting.

Once the Webex Meeting is running click on the options button. There will be an option to Start Live StreamingScreenshot 2023-08-14 at 9.06.02 AM.png

Clicking on this option will walk you through the process of signing into your Video Streaming account via an IBM ID,  your Legacy Ustream Login/Password  or a device password created inside of your dashboard.Screenshot 2023-08-14 at 10.20.46 AM.png


Once signed in, you will be prompted to choose the organization and channel that you would like to stream to. 

Screen_Shot_2019-10-31_at_11.17.51_AM.png Screen_Shot_2019-10-31_at_11.18.24_AM.png

After choosing the channel clicking on Start Streaming will stream the Webex UI to your Video Streaming Channel including screens shared in Webex Meetings.


To share the Channel URL users can click the Live link in the top bar, and copy the Channel where the Webex Meeting is being broadcast to.  


Alternatively, Webex Meetings users can also invite participants with the invite button, and paste in their Channel URL into the invite for easy access. 


Once a Webex session is finished through the integration, IBM Video Streaming AI analyzes the content allowing for:

  • Archives to be automatically assigned to channels and published in video portal.
  • Closed captions to be generated automatically.
  • Users to search for relevant content based on what was said, both at the library level and then searching inside videos to jump to relevant moments.

Making sure your slides work well

Don’t use anything smaller than an 18 point font – and preferably a 24 point as the minimum size. 

When pushing your Webex session out to the IBM Video Streaming platform, your slides are going to go through process called transcoding. This process automatically creates a bunch of different versions of your video stream so that each person viewing the session will have the best possible experience.


That means that people on mobile devices or those who are on slower connection speeds will get a lower bit rate version than those on laptops or computers connected to higher speed networks will get higher bit rate versions. You will want all of your viewers to see readable slides, so don’t risk it.


Keep your font sizes as large as possible and don’t try to fit too much information on a single slide.

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