Setting up a Backup Channel from the Dashboard

IBM Video Streaming now has a new feature to utilize your stream with a Backup channel. This article will explain how to set up your Primary channel with a Backup channel from the Dashboard.

First Login to your IBM Video Streaming Dashboard and find your Primary channel under the Channels section. Next, scroll down the list to the Broadcast Settings section.

From the Broadcast Settings menu, select Edit settings in Backup Channels.

Next click Add Channel and enter in the the Backup Channel’s url or Backup Channel ID.

If you are having trouble locating the Backup channel’s url , this can be found under the Info section under the Channel tab on the Dashboard.

If you wish to remove the Backup channel, simply click remove or remove all.

   We recommend that the Backup channel be dedicated to a separate network and power source than the Primary Channel, that way the Backup Channel cannot be affected of what compromises the Primary.

   It is also recommend to set up Backup channels while both channels are not streaming LIVE to avoid streaming conflicts. Please enable Backup channels and make sure to test well before your main broadcast to ensure that channels failover correctly.

Please note: interactivity features bound to the live stream (polls, slides and live CTAs) will be not transferred to the backup channel. This means if the primary channel is replaced by the backup channel, then these tools will not appear anymore for the viewers.

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