Using the Epiphan Pearl-2 Encoder with IBM Video Streaming

How to live stream to IBM Video Streaming with the Pearl-2
What you need :

To stream to IBM Video Streaming from the Epiphan Pearl-2 you will need:
  •  A IBM Video Streaming account
  •  Epiphan’s Pearl-2 connected to the internet
  •  Your video sources and all their connecting cables
 Step 1: Connect your sources and access the Pearl-2 Admin Panel
  • Make sure all your video sources are connected to Pearl-2
  • Turn on your video source(s) and your Pearl-2
  • Log on to the Admin panel for Pearl-2 (your Channels/Sources list may be different from image below).
Step 2: Create a channel in Pearl-2 Admin Panel
  • In the Admin Panel, click Add channel from the menu on the left. For the purposes of this how-to, we’ve renamed our channel as Channel 1

To add each of your sources to the channel layout, click Add new item. A drop-down menu appears, and allows you to select text, an image, or any video source connected to Pearl-2.
  • After selecting Video Source, an additional drop down menu will appear on the right. Choose the video source you wish to add. Your source appears in the visual layout editor, to be arranged as desired using the features found in the user guide.
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 to add as many video sources as desired. Select the desired audio source on the left under Audio sources.Click Save on the bottom of the page once you are done setting up layouts.
You can also add as many layouts as you like. You will be able to switch between these
layouts during your live stream.
Step 3: Configure encoding settings
  • Go to the Encoding page for your channel. You will find it in the menu on the left, under your channel’s name.
  • Verify the encoding settings match IBM Video Streaming recommended encoder settings. For the purposes of this article, we will be using the suggested and most common Cloud Transcoding Mode Settings.
● The codec is set to H.264 (Video encoding profile is set to Main)
● Frame size: 1280x720
● The key frame interval is 1 second
● The frame rate either 25 or 30
● Video bitrate is 1200 - 4000 kbps
● Audio format is ACC 48 kHz (Stereo or Mono)
● Audio bitrate is 128kbps
  • If any changes are made to the stream setup, click Apply at the bottom.
These settings can be adjusted to accommodate a better quality stream if you are confident you have sufficient encoding resources and bandwidth to successfully encode and send with no quality loss. Attempting higher resolutions and bitrates without sufficient resources can lead to poor image quality and interrupted viewing or recordings.
Step 4: Create a channel on IBM Video Streaming
Step 5: Copy Encoder settings from IBM Video Streaming to Pearl-2 Admin.
  • Switch back to Pearl-2 Admin page and click on Streaming in the menu on the left under your channel name and click New stream.


  • Choose RTMP push.  A new stream will be created. We will be pasting values from
    IBM Video Streaming's Encoder settings into the empty fields.
  • Without closing this window/tab, switch back to your iBM Video Streaming Dashboard, go to Broadcast Settings of your channel (bottom of left menu) and on the far right of Encoder Settings click View.
  • Copy the RTMP URL value from IBM Video Streaming and paste it into Pearl’s URL field
  • Copy the Channel Stream Key value from IBM Video Streaming and paste into Pearl’s Stream name.
  • On Pearl’s page, Click Apply and then press Start (in the upper right) when you are ready to stream from the Epiphan Pearl-2 encoder.
Now when you visit you IBM Video Streaming Channel Page or your player's embedded webiste and you will see your stream that is originating from the Epiphan Pearl-2 Encoder.
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