If your IBM Watson Media account has been enabled with an Organization, you can assign your team administrators to manage the entire organization or only specific channels using the Administrator Permissions Feature. For more information about Organizations, please see the Organizational Level Management article.

How to specify channel access for administrators:

 In order for your administrators to manage specific channels in your account, you’ll need to edit their permissions under the Organization settings page, found under your list of Organizations.



Then click Manage next to Administrators.



Then click the “Add people” and enter the company email address of the person you would like to manage specific channels. If you would like the person to manage everything in the organization (including settings, other administrators, accounts, channels and videos) select Organization administrator.


If you would like the person to manage only specific accounts, channels and videos, select Custom permissions. Then you will see all of the accounts found under this specific Organization. You can select between three account level access rights:

  • Administrator can manage the account, channels and videos.
  • Channel level access allows the administrator to access the account and manage selected channels.
  • No access setting completely blocks the access to the account.



If you want to manage which specific channels this user has access to, select Channel level access. This will display all of the available channels under this account. Here you can select from one of the Access Levels:

  • Administrator can manage the channel, videos and access individual viewer tracking.
  • Manager can manage the channel and videos.
  • No access setting blocks the user from accessing the channel at the Dashboard.


Once you’ve completed the appropriate settings, press Done.

 Now when that specific administrator logs into their account at the video.ibm.com login page, they will see the specific account they have access to. Under channels, they will only see the channels and features they have been provided access to.

 To log in, your new administrator will go to video.ibm.com  and either select “Log in with your IBMid” or “Log in with your company account”. This will depend on how your Organization SSO settings are configured. The administrator will select the appropriate Organization, and the appropriate account. Then, they will be able to select Channel, and see all of the channels they’ve been provided administrative access to.

Note: If you are the original owner of this Organization, you will need to log in with your IBMid to gain access.

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