This guide will walk through the process of creating a new channel with the new viewing experience.

Creating a new channel:

  1. Log in to your IBM Video Streaming account, and go to the Channel section on your Dashboard.

  2. You will then see the channel section, click on your current channel and a new popup window should appear


  3. Screen_Shot_2020-05-20_at_9.41.50_AM.png
  4. Name your new channel and set the Language of the videos for the speech-to-text Generated Captions.

  5. Screen_Shot_2020-05-20_at_9.46.42_AM.png

  6. Your channel will open on the channel info tab. This tab allows you to rename your channel, see the channel's URL, set a category and subcategory for your channel, and add a channel image. 

  7. Click Save.

Once you have created your new channel or wish to update an existing channel, click on the Channel Page settings tab in your channel settings dashboard in order to start customizing your channel.


This page has 6 sections:


Your channel page is enabled

This section allows you to disable your channel page, meaning it will be hidden from IBM Video Streaming searches and unable to be found by direct URL. This is important if you have chosen to embed your Video Streaming Video player on your own website, and do not want your content to be found on IBM Video Streaming's website. 


Cover image

The cover image allows to to put a customized image header at the top of your channel page, using an image from your desktop. To put an image in place:

  1. Click on Settings to the right of Cover image.
  2. Click on 'Select an image from your computer' and choose the image you wish to use. This image must be 2560x852 pixels. If your image does not match these dimensions, you should be able to use any standard image tool on your computer to crop the image.

  3. If your image is the correct dimensions, you will then see a preview image of your new page, showing the channel page layout with your image in place.

  4. Click Save at the bottom of the preview page to save your image.

You can see your new image in place by going to your channel's URL:



The About section allows you to add information about your channel, including links to other pages, text, and images. Clicking on the Settings menu to the right of the About section allows you to access the about editor.

  1. turns selected text bold
  2. turns selected text italic
  3. turns selected text into a link, and allows you to choose link destination
  4. allows you to add a web image by URL
  5. puts a section border in place
  6. gives selected text a larger font size
  7. creates an unnumbered column
  8. creates a numbered column
  9. sets the default tab on your channel to 'About' as opposed to 'Videos'



The Links tab allows you to prominently display certain important links above the rest of your about section, and gives these important links a small icon. For example, you may want to have a link to your own webpage displayed. To create a link, click on Settings to the right of Links. In the next popup, put the actual URL of the page you want to link to in the left hand field, and the title you wish to display for the link in the right hand field. In this example, we have set the link to '' and the name of the link to 'Facebook'.

Please note that only a limited number of sites will get a custom icon- icons for most pages will simply be a link image.


Show recorded videos

The show recorded videos 'Settings' link allows you to set whether or not you want your video gallery to be available for visitors to your channel.


Other channels

The other channels tab allows you to select whether or not you would like other channels to be available on this channel page.

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