Verizon Videocasting Sunsetting

Verizon Videocasting at Ustream

Verizon Videocasting at Ustream has offered an easy way to share live and recorded video with friends and family from the Ustream Android application on select Verizon Android devices.

This service will be shut down in early 2016. Users will be able to continue to use generic Ustream features for sharing live and recorded video.

We kindly ask Verizon Videocasting users to download and save all their recorded Videocasts by March 17 to make sure no special moments are lost during this transition.

Starting February 18, 2016 users will no longer be able to create and share Verizon Videocasts from the Ustream app, but they can use the generic Ustream broadcasting features.

Publicly recorded videocasts will become public Ustream videos, personal or hidden recorded videocasts will become unpublished Ustream videos and will be found in the dashboard.

Links to videos saved from Verizon Videocasts will change, so Videocasting users may want to share the new links again with their viewers.

On March 18, 2016 videos saved from Verizon Videocasting that are older than 30 days will be deleted automatically. Newer videos will be moved to the users’ generic Ustream channel, but also get deleted in 30 days from their creation.

Videos of current paid Ustream customers are left in tact according to their subscriptions.

The Videocasting support center will no longer be available, users can turn to the generic Ustream support center

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