Using Chromecast with Ustream

You can easily broadcast your channel to your television using Chromecast. 

Cast through Chrome browser window:

To do this, first install Chromecast into your browser. Please see the following article if you need help doing this:

Once this set up has finished,  you should see the Chromecast window in the upper right corner of your browser. 


To cast your Ustream channel, go to your Ustream channel address, and press the Chromecast window. Then select the network your Chromecast is connected to.

Cast using Ustream Lounge Chrome App:

You can also broadcast using the Ustream Lounge App for Chrome. To download, open the Chrome Web Store and search for Ustream Lounge. Once you download it, you can find it within your Chrome Apps. Select the Chromecast window to stream the App to a television.

Cast from Ustream mobile app:

Currently, there is no direct integration between Chromecast and the Ustream mobile app.

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