If ever you want to create a Pay-per-view event, we recommend you use Cleeng: a scalable and agile PPV solution.

Cleeng allows you to create an online event to reach your global fanbase with PPV, manage subscriptions, video rentals and powerful metrics reporting. There is no software to download! Just choose a plan and start selling within seconds. It's completely free to create an event!

There is no software to download and you can start selling within seconds. It's completely free to create your first event! You can then sell it from Cleeng hosted pre-booking page or embed it on your own website.

Cleeng provides you with a range of templates for your event pre-booking page - if you would like to see a sample, please see the following example here.

In order for your broadcast to only be accessed by your Cleeng URL, you must hide your channel from being seen on video.ibm.com. 

From the IBM Video Streaming side you will need to

To get started and create your first event visit:https://cleeng.com

If you have additional questions regarding support in Cleeng, please see the link to their Knowledge Base: https://support.cleeng.com/hc/en-us.

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