This article explains the different types of advertisements and different options available for Broadcasters and Viewers to remove them.

Type of advertisements

Free accounts on Ustream have pre-roll, overlay and "mid-roll" advertisements on them to help offset the costs of delivering the streams. Ustream does not pick and choose specific advertisements to run on specific channels, nor can Ustream reject specific advertisements for specific channels. All advertisements on Ustream should be "family friendly" and should not contain any inappropriate language or content. If you see any advertisements on Ustream that are inappropriate, please contact us immediately to let us know. Advertisements vary by viewer and region, so you may or may not see the same ads as other viewers. Ustream has no way to predict which ads might show up at any given time.

Ustream Pro Broadcasting Plans

As a content creator on Ustream, you can remove ads from the live and recorded videos you produce by becoming a Ustream Pro Broadcaster. Plans start at $99/month. You can test our our Ustream Pro Broadcasting service for free by starting a Free Trial. Visit our Plans and Pricing page for more info.

Ustream Premium Memberhip

As a viewer on Ustream, you can watch any Ustream content ad-free by becoming a Ustream Premium Member. Premium Membership is available for $3.99/month. Sign up now on our Premium Membership page

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