From time to time (or sometimes semi-permanently) some broadcasters may decide to restrict their chat rooms to only registered/logged in users. This is completely up to the broadcaster and their moderators. 

As a viewer you will be prompted to sign in as seen bellow

Viewers can also sign in anonymously, as seen here 

As a broadcaster you want to have your chat settings as seen bellow if you want only registered users to be part of your chat.



NOTE: The new White Label Chat does not require participants to login to a Ustream account in order to join chat.   With the new chat enabled, clicking on the input space will prompt users to choose a nickname to begin chatting.  (If you are already logged into a Ustream or Streaming Manager account, the chat dialogue will automatically pull in your name from your dashboard)


You can find out more about our new White Label Chat feature at

White Label Chat

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