How do I disable/enable chat on my channel, or select other users to be chat moderators?

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Enabling or disabling the chat or Q&A tabs:

on the dashboard overview, select the channel in question and then click on Interactivity



The Interactivity tab will allow you to configure settings for either the chat or the Q&A tab, among other features offered on the platform.


Enabling chat settings:

To enable chat for your channel, click the 'Settings' link to the right of the chat field. (For Q&A, do the same to the 'Settings' link to the right of Q&A)


Clicking on the radio button next to 'Enable chat' will make the Chat module appear on your channel page. Clicking on the 'Settings' link to the right of the Moderators field will allow you to add users who can function as moderators for chat on your channel.


Adding moderators to your chat module:

Moderators can be added below the enable / disable field on the Chat tab. You can add them by email address, or also by SAML ID if your account is an Enterprise Video Streaming account type.

NOTE: The email address used must first be registered as an IBMid. If you add the moderator prior to successfully registering, please delete it and re-add it after successfully registering.  Create an IBMid here.


Enabling the Q&A module for your channel:

To enable the Q&A module on your channel, click settings to the right of the Q&A field, just as is done with Chat.

Q&A has multiple options that can be modified once the module has been enabled. These are shown in the image below, and described in the list below the image.


  1. Open Q&A: this button allows you to open the Q&A module without being on the channel page itself.
  2. Enable Q&A: this toggle button activates or deactivates the Q&A module on your page, and expands the other options on this page.
  3. Visibility options: this section allows you to set how the Q&A module shows the questions actually posted by viewers.
  4. Voting: enabling voting makes a small up arrow appear to the left of questions in a Q&A module, which will then show a 'vote' for a particular question.
  5. Moderators: add / remove moderators
  6. Export questions: you can export the questions on a Q&A module in the given date range.

After making any changes, be sure to click Save located at the bottom in order to make your changes take effect.




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