Recommended encoders for IBM Cloud Video

IBM Cloud Video's Web Broadcaster

The easiest and fastest way to stream is with IBM Cloud Video's  free, browser-based Broadcaster. It works automatically with your built-in camera and mic, or you can connect USB accessories for higher quality. Record and save streams for on-demand viewing.

Compatible cameras
  • Built in webcam and mic
  • Logitech C920 HD USB Cam

Go live now with the Web Broadcaster

The IBM Cloud Video/ Ustream mobile app

IBM Cloud Video/ Ustream free iPhone, iPad and Android apps allow you to broadcast live video from anywhere. Share moments or capture breaking news events in real-time, wherever and whenever they happen. Allows broadcasting on 3G, 4G/LTE and WiFi.


IBM Cloud Video's Certified certified encoders

IBM has partnered with industry-leading encoder manufacturers to offer IBM Cloud Video Certified options for all types of workflows. From multicamera professional switchers, to enterprise-level rackmount encoders, to bonded cellular devices.

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