What happens to my videos when I cancel my subscription?


If you choose to cancel your subscription, all videos stored on the account will be deleted after 30 days. It is important to download all your videos before cancelling. We are not responsible for storing content on accounts that have been cancelled. Once the videos are deleted, they are cleared from storage and will not be recoverable. 


Note: There are no free or "Basic" Video Streaming accounts. If you are considering cancellation, please download your videos as soon as possible. Once you cancel, you will not be able to access any videos still stored on the account. 

If for example, you cancel, then realize you forgot to download a video, you will still need to pay for a subscription in order to access the content. You would need to sign up again within the first 30 days from the cancel date. You should not expect to still have your content stored if you sign up again after 30 days. 

Keeping your account active is the only way to ensure your videos are not deleted. 


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