Managing recorded videos in your IBM Video Streaming account

In addition to IBM Video Streaming's live streaming capabilities, you can also record your streams and turn them into VOD (video on demand) or directly upload recorded videos to a channel. Accounts also have additional video management capabilities, allowing you to easily upload, search, review, sort and tag thousands of videos across multiple channels.

Managing recorded videos

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Video dashboard overview

As part of your IBM Video Streaming broadcasting dashboard, you will find your video manager. This is where you manage all the videos you have recorded or uploaded on IBM Video Streaming.


  1. Upload videos to your video library
  2. Filter videos to specific channels only, or see all channels at once. (Enterprise accounts only)
  3. Search video library
  4. Publish video to change privacy
  5. Filter the list to specific labels only and create new custom labels
  6. Additional options. Delete a video or multiple videos, trim, etc.
  7. Sort the list by title, length, views, or date recorded.
  8. Toggle between compact and thumbnail views.
  9. Expand the video management interface.
  10. Video title
  11. Privacy of video
  12. Date recorded
  13. Total views of video
  14. Length of the video
  15. Video file size


Renaming and adjusting settings of videos

To change the title, description or access privacy settings for the video, select the video with the checkbox, then click the edit button, or click on the drop down arrow at the end of each video row Screen_Shot_2020-05-20_at_10.38.09_AM.png 

This brings you to the video edit screen Actions available for videos:

Select any video with the checkbox on the far left, then click the edit button, or click on the drop down arrow at the end of each video row to reveal the available actions for videos. 


Changing the thumbnail image for your video

You can use either a still frame from your video, or an uploaded image, to represent your video in thumbnail format in your channel's video gallery.

To change the thumbnail, first select the video you wish to change the thumbnail for and select 'edit':

On the edit page, select 'thumbnail' from the row of options at the top of the tab, then choose either a frame from the video, or directly uploading an image, to use as your thumbnail:

If you choose to upload an image instead of using a still frame from the video, please use a .gif, .jpeg, or .png image format and an image size of 1920x1080.


Editing the in and out points for your video

IBM Video Streaming has an improved trim tool that can also be found under the edit tab. This tool will allow you to set the starting and ending points of any recorded video. As with changing the thumbnail, you access this tool by selecting the video you wish to trim and choosing 'edit':

After this, select 'trim' from the row of options at the top of the edit tab:

Once on the trim tab, click anywhere inside the blue bar below the player to select an estimated start point. Clicking the pause/play button and clicking forward or back on the blue bar will allow you to select the exact start point you wish for your video.

Once you have your in point, double click on the left hand slider to set the in point.

Repeat this process with the right hand slider to set the out point for the video as well.


The trim function only exists inside of the IBM Video Streaming platform- when you download your video, the full video will play in place of your trimmed video.  In addition, your trimmed video will only play on mobile devices if the video has been transcoded to mp4.


Downloading videos

To download a video, select the video and choose download from the more menu at the top or the drop down at the end of the video entry row.

IBM Video Streaming accounts will automatically have an mp4 version of their video transcoded. If the video is not yet available, an flv version will be available for download.


Using labels to manage your videos

To add or edit labels on videos, select the video and click on the label button.

You can apply or remove existing labels, or create new ones.


Copying videos from one channel to another

With the video manager, you can copy video files from one channel to another. Note: This feature is available at the Enterprise level only, and can be used to move videos between channels on a single account- not between different accounts.

To copy a video, select the video and choose copy from the more menu at the top or the drop down at the end of the video entry row.

From the pop up window, choose which channel you want to copy the video to. It may take up to a few minutes to copy the video depending on the size of the file.

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