Broadcasting with one, two or three + cameras

Choosing how many cameras you would like to use in your broadcast is important to how the overall setup of your broadcast will be. When deciding how many cameras you need, please consider the following scenarios.  Remember, the options listed below are not the only streaming options available, but will serve as a good example.

One Camera 

  • The Teradek VidiU allows you to broadcast live video directly to the web without a computer. 
  • Some video cameras come ready to broadcast to IBM Video Streaming directly from the Settings of the camera. 
One camera broadcasts generally don't use much CPU usage from your computer.
This will limit the production value of your broadcast, as you will not be able to incorporate various shots into your stream.

Two Cameras 

 Wirecast and OBS are video production programs that allow you to bring in multiple camera into your presentation, and also gives you the ability to switch back and forth between camera shots.

Increased production value, ability to add effects. 
Programs like these require a good amount of CPU resources from your computer.

Three or more Cameras

  • A video switcher like Tricaster.
  • A capture card built into your computer (one that has many inputs for video). 
High-grade production quality system.
Tends to be an expensive solution, not for those who are on a budget.


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