How to stream to IBM Video Streaming using Wirecast, OBS, TriCaster or any RTMP encoder

You can stream to IBM Video Streaming using a variety of third-party encoding products. This compatibility with most encoding products on the market offers you an excellent number of choices for streaming, from free and easy-to-use, to robust and configurable encoders that offer enterprise-grade professional features.

If you're new to the world of encoding, we recommend you get started by reading our IBM Video Streaming's recommended encoding specs. And don't forget to read the manual for whatever product you buy! By learning your encoder's settings and following recommended encoding settings, you can combine the power of industry-leading hardware and software with the industry-leading streaming platform.

Note on plugins: Many third party encoders have built in plugins that allow a user to enter their login using their IBM Video Streaming (or other service) credentials to access their endpoints for streaming.  We have discovered that connecting via the  old Ustream plugin, or logging in with your IBM Video Streaming credentials, can cause broadcasting issues.  To avoid this, please connect via manual RTMP configuration as opposed to using IBM Video Streaming or the older Ustream login credentials and select a channel.

You can find instructions for streaming to IBM Video Streaming for some of the most popular encoders here, or follow the instructions below to obtain the RTMP server address and the stream name for your IBM Video Streaming channel and consult your encoder's manual for how to send RTMP streams.

  • Open Broadcast Software (OBS)
  • Wirecast
  • NewTek Tricaster
  • Capella Cambria Live
  • Kulabyte
  • ViewCast
  • Elemental
  • Cisco Media Processor (formerly Inlet Spinnaker)

Obtaining the RTMP Address and stream name for your channel


Choose the channel you wish to broadcast to within the dashboard.


Click on Channel>Broadcast Settings or Broadcast settings in the overview section


Click on 'view' to the right of the Encoder Settings field.

Copy the RTMP address and the Stream Key from the IBM Video Streaming Encoder Settings page.

Paste these into the corresponding fields in your encoding software. These fields often have different names depending on your software.

IBM Video Streaming Remote Record Console

The remote console allows you to control your stream and interact with your viewers while streaming. Click Launch Remote Console from the Encoder Settings tab to open this panel.


Recording your streams

Click on the record tab and use the record button to start and stop recordings on your channel.



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