How to stream using the Web Broadcaster

Starting a broadcast with the Web Broadcaster

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click "Broadcast Live" by clicking on the camera Icon
  3. Choose which channel you'd like to broadcast on. 
  4. If it's the first time using the Web Broadcaster, you'll see a small grey window asking for permission to access your webcam and microphone. If you see this, click Allow, Remember and Close.
  5. If you have a built-in webcam, or an external webcam connected, you should now see the video from your webcam in the preview window. You should also see audio levels from your microphone or connected USB audio interface. 
  6. To start streaming, click the Start Broadcast button.
  7. To start recording, click the Start Record button.
  8. To get some viewers, share a link to your channel page via Facebook and Twitter using the Share menu, or copy and paste the link and share it however you like.
  9. To check your broadcast, click on the link below the share message which takes you to your  channel page.

Adjusting Video and Audio Settings

Use the camera control to switch to a different connected camera.

Use the audio dropdown to switch to a different audio source.

Use the Low/Med/High toggle to switch to adjust the resolution you are broadcasting at.

Use the ratio toggle to switch between 16:9 and 4:3 ratios.

Use the quality slider to adjust the bit rate.

Tip: if you are using a low quality connection and are experiencing choppy video (frame drops) or disconnects, try using these controls to lower the quality


Saving a Recording

  1. To start your recording, press Start Record
  2. To save your recording, press Stop Record
  3. A preview of the video will appear and some fields to add a title and description for your video.
  4. Fill in the title and description.
  5. There is a small checkbox in the lower left corner to choose whether to make your video public or private. If private is checked, it means only you can access it when you're logged in. If you'd like everyone to be able to watch this video, uncheck the box.
  6. Click save.
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