Setting up a photo slideshow as the off-air content on a channel

Whenever your channel is off-air (no live content is broadcasted) you can show an image or a slideshow on the channel. Or you can choose to put an off-air playlist for this purpose together.  

If you decide to show an image or a slideshow (multiple images) on your channel in its off-air state, there are a few things to consider before uploading an image:

  • Maximum file size is 10Mb
  • Max image size: 6000x6000 pixel.
  • You can add maximum 20 images to an off-air slideshow (basically per channel)
  • Maximum file size is 10MB
  • Supported file types are .jpg and .png
  • Maximum resolution is 6000x6000px
    • Recommended minimum resolution is 720x720px
    • Recommended image aspect ratio is 16:9. Please note that uploaded images which don’t have – or do not conform to – 16:9 aspect ratio will be shown in full against black background or will have black bars on the sides.

Uploading off-air images step by step

  1. Login into your account and go to your Dashboard overview.
  2. Click on Off-air from the options under channel settings.
  3. In Off-air content page hit ‘Upload image
  4. Click ‘+Add’ and then the next step is to either choose a file from your device or grab an image from the web.
  5. Let’s start with choosing a picture from your device:
    •Click ‘Choose file’ and from the file browser select the image you would like to upload
    •Then hit ‘Upload’...

  6. Before clicking ‘Add image’ you can enter a title. When you’re ready with the title, hit ‘Add image’:
  7. Image has been added to the list of images that are played out as slideshow whenever the channel is off-air:
  8. The same way you can add more images (up to 20) if you like.
    •Also, if you want to remove an image from the slideshow you just need to select its row and hit ‘Delete’.

  9. It is important not to forget to hit the ‘Save’ button in the bottom of the page, otherwise your slideshow won’t be saved.
    •You can edit an image’s title any time by selecting its row and click ‘Edit’:

    Grabbing an image from the web

    1. After hitting ‘+ Add’ there is also an option to grab an image from the web other than upload an image from the computer. Grabbing an image from the net basically means to paste its URL here.
      • Please note that images from the web might have copyrights, so always be wary when using these images.

    Paste image URL into the text box:
    2. Click Grab
    3. Enter the title for the image:
    4. When you hit ‘Add image’ the image will be added to the slideshow:
    5. It is important not to forget to hit the ‘Save’ button in the bottom of the page, otherwise your slideshow won’t be saved.

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