How Do I Delete My IBM Video Streaming Account?

To delete your IBM Video Streaming account, please follow these steps:

Note: If your account is still active on a paid subscription, please cancel your subscription first before deleting your account. Deleting an active account does not cancel your subscription and you will still be charged until the subscription is cancelled. Cancel first, then delete the account if needed. 

  1. Log into your IBM Video Streaming accountsign_in_window.png
  2. Once you are logged in, click the "delete account" button in the bottom right corner of the page.delete_account_button.png
  3. After clicking Delete account, you will reach the first confirmation window. delete_account_are_you_sure.png
  4. After clicking Delete account the first time, you will be prompted again to confirm and proceed by entering the email for your account. delete_account_really_sure.png


  5. Enter your email and click on Delete account to finish the process. 

 Your account is now deleted. NOTE: If you are deleting an IBM Video Streaming account, please be aware that the feature sets on each plan may change between signup periods.

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