Creating and inserting lower thirds in Ustream Producer

Ustream Producer has various built in lower third effects that you can use in your project to title the content in your broadcast. However, broadcasters may want to incorporate custom lower thirds into their Ustream Producer projects. In order to do this, you will need to upload the correct file type and format into Ustream Producer using lower thirds created in Adobe After Effects.

There are many sites you can explore for After Effects Templates which will contain the .aep file extension.

I've opened the .aep file (After Effects program) and made the necessary changes to the text. Once you are done manipulating your lower thirds, you want to click the "Toggle Transparency Grid" button displayed below.

This will create a transparent gradient behind your animation:

Now it's time to export your animation to the "Render Queue".

Click on the Render Queue tab, and click on the Output Module comp name. This will most likely say "Lossless". Once you have opened the Output Module Settings, set your video format to .mov (QuickTime) and channels to "RGB + Alpha". Then press OK.

Now you're ready to render out the animation in .mov format. After the animation is saved to your computer, you will want to open it in Ustream Producer. To display your lower third over your video, open the animation file above your video source as shown below. Select "Add Video Shot". Then locate the .mov file and add it to your project.

Your .mov file should be above your video source. The green light on your sources means they are currently set up for Preview.

Once you click the "Take" button (arrow pointing left), this will take both your video source and your animation source. The red light on the sources mean that both sources are Live. 

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