Broadcasting a Powerpoint presentation using Ustream Producer

You can easily use Ustream Producer to broadcast a PowerPoint presentation to your Ustream channel. To do this you will need:

  • Ustream Producer
  • PowerPoint software
  • Dual monitors
  1. First, make sure your computer display options allow you to extend the displays to your second monitor. You can find instructions on how to do this with Mac and Windows. Next open Ustream Producer and your PowerPoint software. Move Ustream Producer to your main computer screen, and move PowerPoint program to your second monitor.
  2. In Ustream Producer, click on the Computer Screen icon 

      to add a new Desktop Presenter shot. Select "New Local Desktop Presenter". 

  3. You should now see the Sources window. Under Capture Type, select Monitor, then click "Select Window/Monitor...". You should see two display options in the drop down menu. "LA1905" happens to be the name of the monitor I have plugged into my computer. 

  4. In order to avoid confusion when working with your shots, we recommend renaming your Desktop Presenter shot. To do this, double click on "Local Desktop Presenter 1" to rename it. Click OK, then exit out of the Sources window. 

  5. Now click on the computer screen icon. You should see your PowerPoint shot displayed here. Select your PowerPoint shot. 

  6. You can now successfully broadcast content on your second monitor. Now we want to enlarge the PowerPoint presentation so it takes up the entire monitor screen. Click the Slide Show button

      to make PowerPoint full screen. You can now broadcast content from your second monitor into your Producer production.

    (Note: In order to keep using the Ustream Producer software to switch between shots, you will have to set the setting displays in PowerPoint to "Mirror Show". To do this, in PowerPoint select Slide Show, then Mirror Show)

    (Then select Set Up Show. Select "Browsed at Kiosk" then press OK.)

  7. You can now switch sources from inside Ustream Producer while your PowerPoint presentation is displayed at full screen.

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