Using Skype with Ustream Producer

You can easily incorporate a Skype call using the Desktop Presenter feature in Ustream Producer. Note: Desktop Presenter uses port 7272. If you are using a firewall, this port must be open. 

***Note: This action requires either Ustream Producer Studio or Ustream Producer Pro***

1. First, open up Skype and log in. Then, in Ustream Producer add a new Desktop Presenter shot by clicking on the computer screen icon found in your shot list in Ustream Producer.


2. Under capture type select Window then click "Select Window/Monitor". Then select Skype under Application.

3. To avoid any confusion during your production, you may want to rename your Desktop Presenter shot. To do this, double click on "Local Desktop Presenter 0" and rename.

4. Now you'll see Skype Desktop Presenter in your list of Desktop Presenter shots.

5. Now, find your Camera shot and click the Settings wheel, then click Edit shot.

6. You should see the current sources you have active. Click on the "+" sign to add a Source.

7. Once you have added a new source [no media], click the Skype Desktop Presenter and drag it over to [no media].

8. Then, adjust the size and position of your two shots. To adjust the size and tilt of your sources, you will use the Command and Option buttons.

Hold command, click on the source and move your mouse to resize.

Hold Option, click on the source and move your mouse to add tilt. 

9. Now, your original shot will appear as you've arranged them in your Edit window. 

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