Using a Blackmagic capture device with Ustream Producer

You can use a Blackmagic capture device to bring in a signal from an HDMI camera into Producer for broadcast, but you will need to make sure that certain steps are followed in order to get an image.

Download the latest drivers for the device

Your first step is to visit the Blackmagic website and make sure you have the latest drivers downloaded for the device. Go to, then choose ‘Support’.

You will see a series of device and solution types- choose ‘capture and playback. At this point, you will see the latest software downloads below. You will be looking for the latest version of Desktop Video. Download for either Mac or Windows, depending on your computer. NOTE: this will download an entire software package, including a user interface. You cannot use this interface with Ustream Producer, but you do need the drivers included in the download.

Plug your camera into the Blackmagic device

Make sure the camera is set to output HDMI (or whatever input type you are using). Some cameras will require you to specify output type.

Open up the Blackmagic Desktop Video Utility application on your computer

You will need to open the Blackmagic Desktop Video Utility on your computer. Once you open it, your blackmagic device should be recognized automatically. The image below shows the Blackmagic Intensity Extreme. Click on the icon in the middle to configure the device to match your camera's input settings.

You will need to adjust the input and output types that correspond with your signal type. In the example below, we can see that we are bringing our image into the capture device via HDMI, and we have set the output resolution and frame rate to match the input from the camera- in this case, 720p at 59.94 fps.

Open Producer

Once you have your settings adjusted correctly in the Blackmagic Desktop Video Utility, open Ustream Producer. Choose the layer you want to add the shot to, and click on the plus icon, then the small camera icon. You should see your shot available under the title ‘Intensity Shot’. Add this shot.

Adjust the source settings

At this point, you will likely see a blank thumbnail with the title “Intensity”. This means that Producer is seeing the Intensity as a viable source, but the settings that Producer is expecting to see do not match what is being brought in from the camera and Intensity. This can be fixed by going to the Sources menu in Producer, and choosing ‘Show Sources Settings’.

Select the Intensity from the vertical menu on the left. You will now see the blank image with the currenly selected resolution and framerate. In this example, Producer is expecting to see a resolution of 1280x720, with a framerate of 50.

If we remember what we set in the Blackmagic Desktop Video Utility, the input source is 720p, 59.94. By adjusting the source settings in Producer and clicking ‘apply’, we can now see the image from the camera.

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