Ustream Producer 6 allows you to keep track of the score while streaming sporting events by providing a built in ScoreBoard feature. 


The ScoreBoard feature is ONLY available in Ustream Producer Pro.

  1. Open Ustream Producer, and click on Sources, then New Scoreboard.

  2. Select your Scoreboard design

  3. Double-click "Untitled Scoreboard" to rename your custom Scoreboard. For this example, I have named it "Basketball".

  4. Double-click on your current Camera shot to open the Edit Shot window. 

  5. Add your Scoreboard layer "Basketball". 

  6. Click on the new layer "Basketball", and it will appear over your Camera shot.

  7. To change the score during your stream, open the Show Source Settings tab. Click on +1 +2 or +3 to add points to the score board.

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