Using Desktop Presenter and Ustream Producer to broadcast your desktop

Ustream Producer 6 and Desktop Presenter allows you to do a screen capture of your local computer monitor or of a monitor on a remote computer on the same network. This is helpful for capturing PowerPoints and Skype Calls.

Note: Desktop Presenter uses port 7272. If you are using a firewall, this port must be open.

How to capture a Skype call

Capturing a Power Point presentation

Capturing your local computer:

  1. Click on plus icon and then computer icon: New Local Desktop Presenter
  2. You can then choose the following options:
    • -Capture Type: Monitor, Window, Game
    • -Show Cursor
    • -Capture Audio
    • -select Window or Monitor
    • -Audio Settings


  3. Options for Selecting a Window or Monitor:
  4. Select the shot you just created from the Desktop Presenter list:
  5. The shot will now be visible in the shot list:
  6. You can do advanced editing to the shot you just created. This does require Producer Studio or Producer Pro. Right click on the new shot so that you can edit it:

Capturing a remote computer:

    1. You will want to run Desktop Presenter on the remote computer
    2. If you have not installed Producer on the remote computer before you will need to download Desktop Presenter here:
    3. Once Desktop Presenter is running on the remote computer you want to select the region or screen you want to capture.
    4. On the computer running Producer you want to: Click on plus icon and then computer icon: Add Remote Desktop Presenter Shot.
    5. The remote computer should show up in the list.

You can also download the standalone Desktop Presenter App for the Remote computer here. As long as it is running and the computers are on the same network the remote computer should show up in main computer running Producer

Helpful Resources:

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