If your video streaming account is suspended, it is most likely due to the payment issue.  Please do ALL of the followings to resolve the payment issue:

1. Write to the IBM Account Receivable Support

Check your email inbox and look for the email with the subject, 'SaaS Suspension for Non Payment Notification - IBM Invoice', and respond to the email. Be sure to send your correspondence to the AR representative in the email as well as to askusar@ca.ibm.com

2. Check the status of your invoices

Go to Invoices@IBM  and log in with your IBMid and password. See if you have any open invoices. 

3. Pay any outstanding invoices

If you do have open (unpaid) invoices, submit your payments.

Go to https://www.ibm.com/support/pages/node/6416073, and select 'Invoices and payments' tab to find information on how to make payments. 


**It is important to follow up with the AR support until the payment issue is resolved. If the account is suspended because of the unpaid invoices, it is not possible to lift the suspension from the account until the payment is confirmed and settled. 


If you have any questions about the billing, you can reach out to the IBM.com customer support team via IBM.com Order Support page.

If you do not see any open invoices after checking your payment status on Invoices@IBM , please  submit a Support Ticket Form

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