IBM Video Streaming has deployed a set of “midgress” servers in select IBM managed data centers around the world, to efficiently cache and distribute enterprise video content. ECDN server instances use these midgress servers as their upstream source for downloading video content.

This midgress deployment is designed to provide geographical reach, scale, high availability and meet enterprise level security requirements. Each midgress region has multiple servers to provide scale and redundancy within a data center. Further each region has a pre-determined designated backup region assigned to ensure resiliency against data center failures.

ECDN customers now only need to whitelist a very narrow range of IBM owned IP addresses in their enterprise firewalls to allow the ECDN servers to get the video contents. In contrast prior to midgress, customers had to open firewall to a large range of IP addresses owned by non-IBM CDN providers. This list of IP addresses would often change, requiring updates to the enterprise firewall settings. Now with midgress, all that firewall whitelist configuration and maintenance is no longer needed. Further, the midgress server IP addresses fall within the same range of IP addresses required by the companion IBM Video Streaming Enterprise forVideo Streaming service.

In the ECDN Management Portal, for each location definition, you must now specify a midgress region. All ECDN server instances configured in that location will inherit this property and use the designated region as the upstream source for video content. Pick the midgress region that is closest to the Internet egress for that location to ensure the lowest latency in getting the content.

As part of the feature rollout, ECDN operations team configured each existing ECDN location with the closest midgress region. If you are experiencing any performance issues with respect to video playback, then please do review the midgress setting in the ECDN Management Portal, and ensure it is set to the closest region.

View the list of all the midgress regions and their designated fallback regions.

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