Enterprise Video Streaming - Account Subscription Overview

In the Account Settings tab, you can see and change the general information regarding your Enterprise Video Streaming account. 

Your Subscription

The top page in the Account section of your Enterprise Video Streaming account is the Subscription tab:


On this page you can see:

  • The number for Customer Support
  • Your plan type
  • The number of channels you can create
  • The number of viewers that can watch a broadcast on your channel
  • Your storage and viewer hour limits
  • Your past invoices and payment history
  • Account ID: Please share this when contacting our Support team as this helps them to identify the account your request is related to.

 Admins and Activity

The Admins & Activity page allows you to assign other IBM Video Streaming account holders to have control over a particular channel on your account. This can be useful when you want a person to be able to publish and unpublish videos, or start a live broadcast, without having full access to the settings of your entire account. More information on setting account admins can be found here.

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