Viewer Tracking is available for IBM Video Streaming and IBM Enterprise Video Streaming accounts. When you are logged in to your account, you will find the “TRACKING” menu on the dashboard. In this menu you can check who watched your videos, on-demand and live on every channel.

Video Engagement 

Here you can find all of your recorded or live show data, including how many unique viewers did watch each video.


In the video engagement menu you can order your data by channel, title, type (live/recorded) and creation date. You can search for labels (live, recorded) and keywords in the title of the videos. Navigating with the browser back and forward buttons is fully supported, so you can easily return to previous search queries without waiting for page reload.

When your live broadcast is in progress, the “processing” status will appear in the viewers column.

When you open the details you see who is watching your show at the moment, but it does not automatically updates currently. It requires a manual refresh.


If you change your broadcast title during live streaming, you will see the video record renamed to the broadcast title you set last.

If you record your show separately or looking for the auto-recorded video, please note that it will not be available until you finish streaming.

Video details

On the video details page you can find some useful information about your show. In the header:

  • creation date
  • duration time
  • video type
  • number of unique viewers

If you look at the viewership details of an on-demand video, you can edit the video details by clicking “Edit” in the header. This will redirect you to the Video CMS page. Additionally, you can find a preview video link. Clicking on it you can preview in place and find the direct url for your video.

Below you can find the video timeline, that shown unique viewers, grouped into 10 segments. Below the timeline, you can see the viewers (usually as email addresses, but it depends on your authentication setup), the date last watched and percent of total length watched by that a particular viewer. Please note that it’s quite hard to have 100% view, especially on short live streams as viewers don’t just join from the get go or close the viewer before you stop the live stream.

In this list you cannot change the order of your viewers, you can just change the number of the rows shown.

Here you can find the related videos as well. These are the auto-recorded videos from your live stream if you are looking at a video details page for a live stream. It can be multiple videos if your autorecords were broken up, and you will always see them ordered chronologically. If you’re looking at the video details page of an autorecorded video, then it takes you to the live stream video details page this autorecord originates from. If you’re looking at a manually recorded or uploaded on-demand video, you will see “No broadcast found” instead.

If you click on one of the viewers, you will be redirected to the viewer details page. If it is a recorded video you will find the related broadcast, but if it is an uploaded video the “No broadcast found” text will appear.

Viewer Tracking

Here you can find all the viewers who watched your videos/live broadcasts and some details of their activities.


Viewer details page

On this page you can track what videos and live broadcasts which were seen by this viewer and when was the last time the video was watched. You can sort them by time and title plus you can check how many percent was watched of a certain video.


Download full report

On every page you can download a report containing raw records from our viewership logs. Read more at the report explanation page. After you download the report, the button will be disabled for a while, to avoid multiple accidental clicks.

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