Channel Admins: Adding multiple admins to your IBM Video Streaming account

   Available for IBM Video Streaming and Video Streaming for Enterprise Accounts.

The Account Admin feature allows you to add users to manage specific channels within your account. This is perfect if you have multiple departments within a large organization and want to give each its own channel, or have multiple clients and want them to only access their own channel. This is also helpful if you want to add an additional admin, but don't want to give them access to the change the account or password.

Each Account Admin can have access to multiple channels (as many as you designate) and each channel can have multiple managers.

Account Admins can:

    • Access anything within the channels you designate them access to.
    • Edit channel info, upload videos, stream live and access metrics for the channels they have access to.
    • Set Off-air content, live playlists or email capture for the channel.

Account Admins cannot:

      • Access account info such as name, email, password or billing information.
      • Delete channels or the account.
      • Access the Account Admins interface to add managers.

How to use the Account Admins feature

Click on Admins and Activity in your dashboard overview to access the Account Admins interface.

You will now see a list of the Admins added to your account and the channels they manage.

Click Add New Admin to add a new admin to your account.

IMPORTANT: The person you want to add must already have a IBM Watson Media account. They can create one for free by clicking the Login / Signup link in the top right of the page at Add the email address they used to register with IBM Watson Media.

The newly added Channel Admin will receive an email notification they are now a Channel Admin under your account.

You can now edit the access of the manager(s) you have added. You must first make the manager active, then check which channels they should have access to. Click Save when done.

From this page you can add or edit admins and control which admins are active. You can revoke access for an admin by making them inactive, but they will remain in the list. To delete them from the list entirely, click edit and inside the manager detail view, click the delete manager link. Once you have a large number of managers in your account, you can take advantage of the sorting functions to only look at a list of managers who are active or inactive, or to see only managers who belong to a specific channel.


Q:Can I set specific permissions for users? For example, let someone view metrics for a channel and edit videos, but don't let them stream live?

A:Not yet. Right now, permissions are only set on a Channel level, so a Channel Admin can access all the functions within the channels you grant them access to.

Q:Is there an audit log of who changed what within a channel?

A:Yes!  You can find the setting under Accounts -> Admins & Activity

And within that activity log menu, this will allow you to generate a downloadable CSV that will be sent to your desired email of the changes made by account admins within a specific time frame. and filtered by channel.

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