How to access Enterprise Video Streaming content from a link

As a viewer of content broadcasted from an Enterprise Video Streaming  (EVS) account, your organization may have put a portal page in place for your content. If so, you can access live and recorded content through this portal page. If given a direct link, you can also access links for a particular channel in the portal, or a particular video in the channel. The steps will the same for all three destinations.

  1. To view a live broadcast or any available recordings on a channel, click the link to your company's portal, channel, or individual video. (This link should be made available in any internal notifications sent about live or recorded events)

    Portal Example:

    Channel Example:

    Video Example:

  2. Upon clicking the link you will either see a prompt to enter your email, or a prompt to click on the SSO authentication link, depending on which type of security your organization has put in place.

    • Email verification prompt:

    • SSO authentication prompt (Google apps in this example):

  3. In the case of SSO authentication, a successful request will lead directly to the correct page, and you can skip to step 5.

    In the case of email verificiaton, if your email is authorized to access the content you will see a successful entry and a prompt to check your email for the verification code.

  4. The verification email will contain a code that you can add to the prompt already present on the verification tab, or you can go directly to the link content in a new tab by clicking on the button in the email.

  5. At this point in the process, you should now see the portal page, channel page, or individual video for the EVS account with either email verification or SSO authentication set up:

    • View of an example Enterprise Video Streaming portal page:

    • View of an example channel page with live video:

    • View of an example recorded video:

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