Enabling pre-moderation on Q&A for Video Streaming

With a Video Streaming or Enterprise Video Streaming plan, broadcasters can assign another user as a co-moderator to help direct the conversation on their Q & A module. Only one co-moderator can be assigned per channel, but the account owner and any channel managers for the channel will also have moderation powers available.

 Please NOTE for adding Mods on a Silver, Gold and Platinum plan, mods must first create and IBM ID and a Free trial at https://video.ibm.com/  . This email/ IBMID can then be added to the channel under Interactivity >Q&A Settings>  Moderators > Settings

For the Video Streaming Manager account level, Chat/Q&A moderators must be :
-added as organizational channel admins to be able to login please see here
-Must be added as a Chat/Q&A moderator 

For Enterprise Video Streaming, Chat/Q&A moderators must be :
-Must be added as a Chat/Q&A moderator  (as seen below)

To enable pre moderation, first navigate to your IBM Video Streaming dashboard, and choose the channel you wish to enable this feature for. Select Interactivity and navigate and click settings on the Q&A feature.


On the Q & A tab, you'll see four options for what questions your viewers can see:

  • All questions
  • Only approved questions
  • Only questions that are answered
  • Private mode, viewers only see their questions


On this same page, you can also assign another user to act as co-moderator along with the broadcaster for cases of larger audiences. You can also allow viewers to vote on questions that they would like to see answered, in cases where all questions are shown to the viewers. After making any changes, be sure to click save.

Here is an example of the moderator's view when a viewer has asked a question that has not yet been answered or approved:

The moderator can then choose to approve, edit, or remove the question.

Once a question has been approved, it can then be answered by a moderator. This shot shows two views: the view on the left is of the moderator's screen, which shows a question that has not yet been approved but has not been answered, and a question that has not yet been approved. The shot on the right shows a viewer's screen- they can see the approved question, but not the unapproved question.

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