For this installation the VHD disk image and the virtual CD image are required.

Prepare for deployment on Microsoft Hyper-V

  1. Copy the VHD disk image file to the destination server.
  2. Open the Hyper-V Manager from the Server Manager.

Open Hyper-V Manager

Install the virtual machine on Microsoft Hyper-V

Create a new virtual machine

In the Hyper-V Manager, select New > Virtual Machine… in the Actions pane.

New Virtual Machine

The New Virtual Machine Wizard opens.

In the first step, type in a name for the virtual machine.

If you would like to store the virtual machine at a different location, select the appropriate folder.

Name and Location

In the next step, select “Generation 1”.


Assign minimum 4096 MB memory for the instance and enable the dynamic memory usage for the virtual machine.

Assign Memory

For more on the dynamic memory please read the Microsoft Technet article:

Select the network switch for the virtual machine.


Select “Use an existing virtual hard disk”, and click Browse to select the file. After the file is selected, click Next to proceed.

Virtual HD

Verify the entered information and click Finish.


Launch the virtual machine

After the import has finished, select the imported virtual machine, right-click and select Settings in the contextual menu.

Select Settings

Select the virtual CD image for the DVD Drive of the virtual machine, then click OK.

Select DVD Drive

Right click on the virtual machine and select Start.

Start VM

The state of the machine changes to “Running”.

VM state Running

Now, select the newly deployed virtual machine, right-click and select Settings in the contextual menu.

VM Settings

Select Integration Services (1) in the left panel of the Settings… dialog, and disable “Time synchronization” (2).

Change the default password on the virtual machine

  1. Launch the Console of the virtual machine.
  2. When requested, use default user and the default password to log in.
  3. Change the password by following the required steps appearing on the screen.

Please note, that the machine is completely functional even without the password change, however, for security reasons it is highly recommended to change the password.

Congratulations, you have successfully installed and launched the virtual machine on Microsoft Hyper-V.

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