Within your IBM Video Streaming account dashboard, you can edit the start and end playback points for video files. This is sometimes called trimming the head and tail of the file. This can be useful if for example you want to cut out a long intro or ending that is part of the video recording but does not contain useful content.

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Trim and edit video

As part of your account dashboard, you will find your video manager. This is where you manage all the videos you have recorded or uploaded. You can also search in the Video tab of a channel to find the content you want to trim and edit.


Hover over a video in the list, use the drop down menu on the right side and choose "Trim video" or "Edit" to bring you to the trim menu


This will bring you to the Trim tab on the edit screen

  1. Use the play button to preview the video and use you mouse to place the red cursor on the timeline of where generally you would like to make the trim. 
  2. You can preview your edit by pressing play again.
  3. On your keyboard, hit Left or Right to seek by seconds. Use [ or ] to place the trim markers to the playhead.
  4. Once you have set the in and out points where you want them, you can use save by Clicking Trim original video or Save as new. Trim original video will save the in and out points to be used within the IBM player, but your full file will still be preserved. Any views or metadata edits on the trimmed video will be shared with the parent video.
  5. Save as new video will create a new file. This new file will have separate view counts and metadata than the original file. This new file can be downloaded, shared, or used in 3rd party players and the clip will start and end at the new points that were set in the tool with the remaining video information discarded. If the original trimmed video is downloaded this will always provides original full length video.
  6. Caption Upload
    VTT Timestamps are always pointing to the original video. The VTT is always and should be uploaded for original video timestamps.

    (Please note that it is recommended that one waits the duration of an auto record after live streaming before trimming, copying or downloading videos. )

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