How to search for videos in an Enterprise Video Streaming channel

When you have access to an Enterprise Video Streaming (EVS) portal and at least one channel in that portal, you can search directly for specific videos on that channel. You'll first need to go to the URL of your company's EVS portal page or channel page, with the steps explained here.

The portal page will show those channels in the portal that you have been given access to. In the example below, one channel is currently broadcasting live, while the other channel was live just recently. In either case, you would be able to access recorded videos, but we'll focus on the channel that is not currently live:

Once you have accessed the channel you wish to search from, the player will be playing either live content if the channel is live, or whatever off air content has been set for the channel. Below the player, you will see a tab for videos, a tab for upcoming events, and a search bar.

You can choose to browse through the videos displayed in the video gallery, but you can also search for a particular video. The search keywords are pulled from the name of each video. For example, we can see a video named 'Quarterly meeting' in the gallery. Were this video deeper in the gallery, we could surface it for play by searching for 'quarterly' in the search field, and hitting Enter:

By clicking on the thumbnail of the video in the gallery, the video will begin playing on demand in the player above.

Sorting Video Results

 Videos can be sorted by:

  • Relevancy
  • Newest
  • Oldest
  • Most viewed
  • Shortest
  • Longest

All videos are sorted based on relevancy by default. Users can change sorting in the result page on the top right corner.

Relevancy is calculated based on:

  • Search phrases found in Description, Video Title, Labels or Caption
  • Recency of the video
  • Number of views of the video

 Search Operators

 When multiple search terms are typed into the search bar, by default an OR logic is applied when executing search. So, if either of the added words are present then the video will be listed out as a result. For example, when typing in “Design Thinking” then if either or both “Design” or “Thinking” is present, then the video will be returned. Also, there is an option to add search operators between words. The following operators are supported:

  • OR – Requires that either term (or both terms) be present for a match.
  • AND – Requires both terms on either side of the Boolean operator to be present for a match.
  • NOT – Requires that the following term not be present.

Please, note that the search is not case sensitive. However, the operators need to be used in uppercase.

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