What the feature addresses:

  • users with many channels have a hard time navigating to a specific channel

  • Current left navigation doesn't display full channel name and it's impossible to distinguish between channels that start with the same words

  • There is no channel search functionality on the Dashboard

  • All channels are listed in the left navigation which makes all Dashboard pages extremely tall and hard to use

Listed below are examples of users with all kinds of channel counts.

0 channels

You will continue to see the Create Channel option only.

1 channel

When clicking 'Channels', we automatically expand the single channel using a single click.

2-7 channels

When clicking Channels, a Quick find dropdown appears where a channel can be instantly selected.

8-150 channels

Same dropdown as above but also includes an additional Quick find field to narrow down the results.

150+ channels

The Quick find dropdown above shows up to 150 channels. For those with more than 150 channels, it shows the most recently used 150 channels in alphabetical order and can narrow down using the same Quick find input. To access more than 150 channels, the See all channels button at the bottom of the dropdown can be used to click through to the usual channel list page that we also upgraded by adding a search field at the top:

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