We have recently released our new white label chat feature to all IBM Video Streaming accounts.  This new chat is free of any sort of branding and does not require Flash to be installed to function, making it easier for broadcasters to engage with their audience watching on mobile devices.

Here are some of White Label Chat's highlighted features

  •  Accounts are no longer a requirement to log into the new chat.  You just choose a nickname and you should be able to participate in the discussion. 
  • No longer Flash based
  • Newly created channels only see the New Chat and not the IRC chat.
  • Existing channels have the ability to switch from IRC chat to the New Chat manually until Aug 31, 2017

You can choose which chat you would like to enable by following this guide to enabling/disabling chat on your channel.

How do I disable/enable chat & social streams on my channel, or select other users to be chat moderators?

*Social Stream, Twitter tab, Q&A, Slack chat are not affected.

You will need to readjust your firewall ports to accommodate the new chat.  The port information can be found in the following Help Center article.

Opening-Firewall-or-Proxy-Ports-for-IBM Video Streaming-Broadcasting-and-Viewing

More information about logging into the new chat can be found in the following article.


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