Video Streaming and Video Streaming for Enterprise accounts can alter their channel page headers, to create either a no branding or custom branding experience. These options can be toggled and can be changed at any time. This option is found on the Dashboard on your "Channel Page" settings and select "Header".

Settings include:

- No header

- Custom header

The no header option removes the header bar at the top of the screen.  The custom header option allows content owners to upload a custom logo, that will be displayed in the upper left, and also to control links that will appear in this area. Options are available to enable 0-5 links, with the ability to customize the text and URLs.

It should be noted that choosing “No header” and “Custom header” is not compatible with the following legacy features that require the registration and login options that are tied to the default header. As a result, when either the “No header” or “Custom header” options are enabled these features are hidden from the channel page and the dashboard automatically:

  • IRC Chat
  • Social Stream
  • Twitter tab
  • Follow
  • Remind Me

Many of these features are engagement related, but the following engagement features do work with the header disabled or customized:

  • Q&A
  • New Chat*
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